The Dangers of DIY Rat Removal

The Dangers of DIY Rat Removal

The Dangers of DIY Rat Removal include risk of disease, bites and scratches, dead rats in your home, incomplete removal, and possibly damage to your home. | Elite Wildlife Services

You have a rat problem, but money is tight. You’re tempted to save money with DIY rat removal.

Unfortunately, attempting to handle a rat problem on your own can cost money. Sometimes it can cost 10 times more than calling a professional rodent control company could. 

Here are four risks you face if you try to handle a rat problem on your own. 


The Risk of Disease 

Rats carry more than 35 known diseases, and many of them are deadly to humans. You can get them through bites, through scratches, through handling rodent feces, and through inhaling rodent feces.

When you try to handle your rat problem on your own, you increase the chances that you’ll end up in direct contact with rats and their droppings. The total cost could be a trip to the emergency room, many nights in the hospital, and a rat problem that persists. 


The Risk of Bites and Scratches

Bites and scratches are their own sort of threat. Any bite or scratch can get infected, and a bite is far more likely to transmit a disease than any other vector is.

Rats bite when they’re cornered or scared. And while you’re unlikely to come face-to-face with most of the rodents in your home, again, you increase the chances of an incident when you attempt to handle a rat problem alone. 


The Risk of Dead Rats

Poisons and traps are the go-to methods for homeowners who attempt to handle their own rat problems. Unfortunately, no poison or trap can get all the rats, and they come with a big problem.

Most poisons and most rat traps don’t kill rats right away. Often, the rats escape into the walls or into the attic, where they die. Now you have a rotting rat corpse in a place that isn’t easy to get to, and the smell is making your home unlivable.

Many Houston homeowners who attempt to get rid of rats this way end up calling us to find the dead rat, and to eliminate the rest of them. You’ll spend far more doing this than if you’d just called us in the first place. 


The Risk of Incomplete Removal

Rats cause a massive amount of damage, breed quickly, and swarm. You need a highly effective rat removal method if you’re going to get rid of every single one of them.

One of the services we perform for our clients is inspection: we find all the places rats are hiding and all the places they’re getting into your home. In addition to our commercial rat control methods, we use exclusion methods to keep them from re-entering your home once they leave. 

By the time we’re done, your home will be 100% rat-free.


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If you want to change a light bulb, go DIY. If you want to get rid of a rat problem, call the experts on rat removal services. We’re some of Houston’s most experienced wildlife removal experts, and we’re ready to help! 

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