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Are Squirrels in the Yard a Problem?

Are Squirrels in the Yard a Problem?

Squirrels are only a problem when they find their way into your house. We focus on blocking squirrel access to your home. | Elite Wildlife Services

If squirrels are only in your yard, they may not be a problem at all. 

In fact, squirrels can serve a vital ecological function. They take seeds and bury them. 

Unlike some animals, squirrels aren't quite so adept at remembering where they stored all their treasures. They'll successfully dig some back up and eat them. The rest will be left in the ground, where they'll sprout. Essentially, they're little gardeners. 

Some people just enjoy seeing squirrels. They're silly little creatures!

Squirrels don't necessarily overrun a yard. If you're only seeing them there, then there's no need to call us. They can go about their little squirrel lives without intervention.

Squirrels are only a problem when they find their way into your house. Here in Houston this happens most often in the spring and in the fall, when they are searching for places to bear their young. 

Once they get into your home they'll chew up your wiring and insulation. In fact, roughly 20% of house fires are caused by squirrels. They do not have to chew all the way through a wire to cause a fatal short and spark. 

The earliest sign that a squirrel has gone to work? One of your outdoor lights stops functioning. If this has happened to you, then you should call an electrician pretty soon after you call us. 

They cause other damage as well, mostly to the insulation, as well as via their droppings. 

We focus on blocking squirrel access to your home. You're never going to get squirrels out of your yard. We could trap them all day long and they'd just show up from other yards around the city. There is absolutely nothing you can do to keep them off your property entirely. They've successfully adapted to every aspect of urban life. We trap the squirrels inside of your home, but only to get them back out again. 

You can make your house a little less attractive to them. 

Put the bird feeders on the far side of your yard instead of close to your home. Trim trees and bushes that are near your home so you're not providing squirrels with a little superhighway that they can use to get into your attic. Address any wood rot quickly so squirrels aren't tempted to chew their way inside. 

Once you've done all that, you can enjoy the antics of your yard squirrels without worry. 


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