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What Attracts Rats to a House?

What Attracts Rats to a House?

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Rats can enter even the cleanest homes, especially in Houston. Houston is one of America's largest cities, and rats are an inescapable part of city living.

Several properties in Houston actively attract rats, which, in turn, brings rats to other homes in the area. Right now, there are more than 3,700 property standards violations  citywide.

Fortunately, you can control your property and look for ways to discourage rats.

#1) Food Sources

Rats come into a home in search of food first and foremost. The most likely culprits for a rat problem are pet food, birdseed, compost piles, and garbage. 

Try to feed your pets at the same time every day so you can pick up unused food and seal it away. Keep pet food in a locked storage container. Auto feeders are convenient, but they do attract rodents. 

If you feed the birds, keep bird feeders well away from the home. You should put bird food in a sealed container, too.

Look to human food. Keep compost in a bin or box. Keep trash can lids affixed to their cans. Wipe up spills and crumbs.

#2) Water Sources

You want to keep your pet watered all day long, so there's no picking up pet water bowls throughout the day. Fortunately, pet water bowls aren't usually the culprit when rats come to call. 

Instead, rats like to drink their water from hidden sources, like leaky pipes. If your water bill starts to skyrocket, you might have a little rat drinking fountain somewhere in your walls. 

Rats also like sources of standing water that might be in your yard. Keep bird baths clear of the home and address areas of your yard where standing water likes to gather.

#3) Places to Hide

Yards that are full of tall grass and mulch tend to attract rats. Inside, piles of clutter provide ample locations for rats to hide and scurry about. 

They like any place where humans don't go very often, too, so you'll often find rats in the attic or crawl spaces. An attic looks like the ideal nesting place for a rat: it's warm, dry, and free from predators. 

To discourage rats, you'll need to keep your home's areas as clean and well-maintained as possible.

#4) Entry Points

Rats can squeeze into the smallest crack in your foundation or the slightest gap in your soffit and fascia. They can contort their bodies until they can slip through openings the size of a quarter. 

It takes a thorough inspection and reliable exclusion methods to help keep rats out of your home.

Have you got rats?

We can help you eliminate all the existing rats in your home while finding and blocking all the entry points that might let more inside.

Our methods are humane, so they're safe for children and pets. We work fast to help minimize the damage that rats can do to your home.

Call Elite Wildlife today if you need rodent control services in Houston, TX.


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