What do Animals in the Attic Sound Like?

What do Animals in the Attic Sound Like?

What do Animals in the Attic Sound Like? Elite Wildlife Services is here to solve all your wildlife problems.

Do you hear thumps and bumps in your attic? 

While you might be in denial—nobody ever wants to think they have a wildlife problem—sounds in your attic almost always mean some creature has moved in. 

Here's how to tell what you might be dealing with.

Heavy Footsteps

If it sounds like someone is walking around up there, then there's a good chance you have a raccoon, especially if you hear the sounds at dusk and during the morning. Raccoons will leave their attic nests at twilight to go foraging, then return in the morning to sleep.

In the spring, you might hear fighting and chattering. Those would be baby raccoons. As cute as a baby anything happens to be, they'll soon grow into big raccoons, worsening your wildlife problem.

Rolling Sounds

Does it sound like someone is rolling and bouncing marbles across your ceiling all day?

Those aren't marbles. They're nuts. You're hearing squirrels rolling nuts for storage. Hearing marbles in your walls? They're throwing nuts into the wall as well. Squirrels will hide nuts anywhere!

Nuts in your wall are a massive problem because squirrels occasionally go after their stash and get stuck. They'll then die, releasing a horrific smell that is difficult to remove. 

Flapping Wings, Banging, and Squeaking

You may think you're playing host to a family of birds. Chances are, you're hearing bats, especially if the noises quiet down at night. During the evening, bats are out hunting. 

Of course, birds like human attics as much as any other animal. If you hear fluttering and cheeping, then a Momma bird might have decided your attic looked like the perfect place to raise her baby birds.

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Chewing, Scratching, and Squeaking

You probably hear rodents, and they could either be rats or mice. Either species chews and scratches incessantly.

Usually, you'll hear rodent sounds at night.

You don't have to do guesswork!

Any noise in your attic is probably a bad sign. You don't have to try to figure out the specific animal.

Just call us. We'll inspect your attic, determine what might be living up there, and help you chase those critters away for good.

Running and Pouncing

A stray cat might have moved into your attic. A cat tenant is highly likely if you have rats or mice up there, as they will make the perfect prey.

Cats would almost be welcome, except their urine is so potent that it's like toxic waste. Sooner or later, the smell will overwhelm the house. They are not as polite about their bathroom habits as their domesticated counterparts and will absolutely pee all over your attic floor. 

Plus, one cat will not get rid of an entire rodent swarm. Any time you have a predator species hanging out in your home, you can bet there are plenty of prey animals, too.


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